The Greater Eight

Igor's Challenge

To any who dare enter here, pass Igor's Challenge to prove you are worthy. Use the Tome of Entrance to come inside. 

**as these words are read/said aloud by adventurers, a little hut (looks like an inflatable snake) pops up.

Session 11
Entering the Land of Despair

We began the session in Shark-fested, croc-bits water.

60' out, see 2 water guardians guarding the portal. 

D'Art sneaked close to get a good view of the portal and the guardians.

Geddy realies he can speak in his Manta Ray Cloak

Geddy gets behind D'Art, and D'Art dashes through the portal. Falls through, disappears from sight.


Geddy and Justice are able to follow eventually.


As they fall through, Geddy is the only one to get hurt, and even then only moderately.


D'Art tasted the sand – tasted of Bone Meal


  • After entering portal, Pog pop up head in a fun, old-school, diving helmet. "Tomorrow is Climsy's day, more believers have been performing her rituals. She and I pulled together our water knowledge and have managed to scrounge  up enough magic to restore you all before heading through. [restored as if a long rest] and to give you your headlines. Time may get weird in the Land of Despair. When you go through, you will be starting on the 28th, but I cannot say how many Land of Despair days will pass vs. Days here in this material plane. We actually don't have much info. Speaking of…

    • Geddy, if you would like to write your analysis down during your time there, Mildred and I believe we could submit it for the Order of Librarians as a resource. If you agree, and it gets completed and accepted by the order, she has agreed to get you the Tome of the Stilled Tongue earlier than anticipated. The order has found a way to determine the fakes without needing all five copies. Up for the challenge? We need to know lots. The layout of the land, where Muerta hangs out when there. What entities do while there waiting. What happens when living things end up there. Dead things. Is there oxygen? Does magic work? Are there friends and foes there?
    • Not much else in the way of headlines this week. Things are still quiet as we try and work out who the mole is in the rebel camp. HaPenny, Puck, and the dwarf (Brumhilda is her name) are currently making their way to the High City to help out.
    • There does also seem to be an increase in the number of street fights between those following the greater 8 and the galuptians. Galuptuouses followers are becoming bolder and bolder with their views and their disdain for the gods. Good luck.


Land of Despair

  • Purple-blue glow. Dust, dirt in all directions, for as far as the eye can see. Like a large desert. Some sand hills and dunes, but none appear to be very large. Mostly barren landscape. A sun-like thing in the sky, but horizontal, which doesn't make sense if it is nighttime. Perhaps it isn't night time here? Perhaps it is never nighttime here? Perhaps it's no sun at all, but a freight train heading your way? Breathing is a little hard, But not impossible. Oxygen is definitely here in this plane. In the distance, there is a dust tornado, and a few tumble-weed looking things.  In checking gear and weaponry, adventurers are thankful to notice that all have made it through okay, and nothing seems damaged or affected.

    • You expected to see ghosts and souls bumping into each other, but that doesn't seem to be the case… You see some things that could be spirits in all directions, but most are just shapes and mirages and vague suggestions of forms.


Portal disappeared behind adventurers. As they look ahead, they


Perception checks:

  • East is a shiny candy bar wrapper.
  • South is load noises
  • West – faint dog prints
  • North – can detect magic


They head north

Justice gets stuck in Quicksand, but D'Art gets him out.

They continue north and happen upon Justufuss and a Revenant arguing.


D'art kills them.


Geddy gets sad from a failed constitution save. Justice and D'Art still okay.


They get back to beginning, as they notice Geddy's fallen shape in the sand. Surmise that the land just repeats itself over and over again.


Notice that their shadows do not point in the way it should if the sun really is a sun.


Head East. Find the Kobold child that was killed. They help the child get her chocolate bar, she squeals with joy, then is able to "move on" and disappears from the Land of Despair. Adventurers then try and get the helmet in the same box, notice a menacing head start to descend from a hole above the box, and they put the helmet back. They step back outside.

They also notice that Justice's shadow is facing a separate direction.

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